About Born on Bowery

Born on Bowery

In 2013, I launched Born on Bowery after spending over a decade working in various advertising agencies in NYC. Advertising has taught me a lot about what consumers care about, and how people choose to live their lives. Many years of soul searching, and one MBA, later, I took a brave step towards my creative passions and enrolled at the Sewing Studio, in the heart of Manhattan's Garment District. The very first thing I sewed was a toddler's skirt adorned with playful pompoms, and from there my debut collection of handmade skirts was born. 

And so, Born on Bowery was conceived as a boutique children’s label specializing in handmade accessories for children and the home they live in. You can find my collection in many children’s stores in Manhattan and around the country, even on Etsy.

As a self-taught film photographer, I am never far from my Nikon. I regularly photograph the Born on Bowery collection each season and have embraced all the rewards and challenges that come with photographing infants and young children. (Sitting still is not part of the process!)

For me, practicing film photography has opened the door to many art forms and led to new creative outlets, including knitting, embroidery and jewelry making. I expanded Born on Bowery’s offering beyond hair accessories, making one-of-a-kind hand-embroidered dolls, necklaces and launched a small capsule collection of monogrammed pillows and handmade wands. I strive to create products that delight children, inspire their imagination, and bring playful sophistication into their every day.

Creativity and passion is at the heart of every product made, every photo taken, and every order delivered. Each collection is inspired by beautiful colors, textures and patterns, and is produced in limited-quantities right here, in NYC.

Each new collection begins with a trip to NYC's garment district, where I spend countless hours wandering from store to store, absorbing the colors and patterns, and just letting my imagination go wild. I come home with many treasures, not sure exactly where or how they will be used. But you know that feeling, when you see something so beautiful, you just have to have it? Well, that's how I know what to take and what to leave in the store for next time. An artist's creativity can't really be put into words...it's an inspiration that is felt...and it's always evolving.

Beautiful fabrics, unique prints, whimsical trims, and all things that sparkle inspire me, and I do my best to make each collection special. Everything I make is in limited editions, so you are guaranteed to always find new and fresh designs. Many pieces are one-of-a-kind, because I like the idea that your child, and your child alone, will be enjoying it for years to come.

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Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you've enjoyed getting to know Born on Bowery!

Luba Libarikian
Founder & CEO