Unique Armenian Baby Gifts

I've been getting a lot of requests for unique Armenian baby gifts, and so I wanted to put together a collection of my favorite products designed for the Armenian child.

If there is one thing you need to know about Armenians, it's that they are the friendliest people you'll ever meet; and if two Armenians ever meet, they will immediately strike up a conversation and become instant friends. That's what genocide and persecution will do to a people - they will seek each other out in every corner of the globe. Being married to an Armenian has given me this trait as well, and you can bet that if I hear someone speaking Armenian on the street, I will make a beeline to make friends.

One of my favorite things about my job, is the process of creating unique gifts for children, and making one-of-a-kind things that are hard to find any where else. I've been working hard on my Armenian monogram pillows, and in just a short amount of time it's turned into a custom order business that I never expected. It's so much fun working with every family, choosing the right fabrics and colors and sewing up a beautiful little heirloom for their child. Someone recently told me that my Armenian monogram pillows are now "the go-to gift any time an Armenian baby is born". Imagine my delight when I heard that!

There are lots of talented Armenian artists living and working in the U.S. and abroad, so I will highlight not only my works, but that of others as well. I hope you find inspiration here, and buy a unique baby gift for the next Armenian baby!

Armenian Personalized Doll for Baby Girls

Armenian Matryoshka Doll Art Print for Children by Amy Perotti, $14
Personalized Armenian Matryoshka Doll by Born on Bowery, $34

Personalized Armenian Art for Children

Custom Armenian Baby Monthly Stickers by Gift Creatively, $12
Printable Map of Armenia Wall Art for Nursery by Blue Pear Designs, $ 5
Gold Foil Armenian Alphabet Poster by Golreezan, $35
Personalized Armenian Children's Name Illustration by Hrachouhi, $50

Personalized Armenian Name Illustration by ELeen Aida
Personalized Armenian Alphabet Book by AJ Designer Albums

Armenian Hair Accessories for Girls

Armenian Children's Headband by Born on Bowery, $12
Armenian Elastic Headband by Tiana Lorance, $ 7.95
Armenian Hair Clips for Girls by Born on Bowery, $8

Armenian Personalized Pillows

Armenian Monogrammed Pillow, $64

Armenian "Hokis" Pillow by Born on Bowery, $58

Armenian Children's Bracelets & Personalized Necklaces

Custom Armenian Necklace by La Perla Home, $125
Limited-Edition Armenian Genocide Bracelet by Jewelry by Pateel, $10
Armenian Cross Bracelet by Born on Bowery, $10
Armenian Initial Necklace by Abris Jewelry, starting at $30

If you have a favorite Armenian store or a unique idea for a baby gift, please share it in the comments!

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