How to Wear Yellow: 4 Trends Your Kids Will Love

Yellow, believe it or not, is a versatile color, and I just love a pop of sunny yellow to bring me to a happy place. I've stocked the kid's wardrobe with lots of yellow this season, partly because this long, cold NYC winter has been depressing beyond words. I may have gone to the extreme on this one...and I've started decorating with yellow, you know, to bring the sunshine inside. 

To give you a taste of what yellow can do for you and your children, check out this cute assortment of fun yellow clothes and accessories to wear this summer:

  1. Yellow Heart Fringe Dreamer by Zilvi
  2. Small Yellow Notebook by Poppin NYC
  3. Pair of mini yellow hair bows by Born on Bowery
  4. Patent Ballet Flats by ZARA
  5. Girl's Lemon Slice Bag by Target
  6. Yellow Bird Print Dress by ZARA

#1 Add Pops of Yellow in the Playroom

From Top Left:

  1. Woven Wall Hanging by Juju Just
  2. Yellow Gold Dipped Feather Dreamcatcher Mobile by Whitehall Farm
  3. Yellow Lattice Floor Bin by Land of Nod
  4. Geometric Yellow Pillow by Love Joy Create

#2 Brighten Up Their Desk With Yellow

From Top Left:

  1. Small Feather Notebook from Ordinary Artists
  2. Yellow Checkmate Table Lamp from Land of Nod
  3. Dachshund Mini Bud Vase Pencil Holder by Hadley Clay
  4. Feed the Animal Bank (Whale) from Land of Nod

#3 Yellow Shoes = Happy Feet

From Top Left:

  1. Yellow Baby Banana Shoes by Joyful Roots
  2. Sunshine Yellow Bow Moccasins by The Coral Pear
  3. Vivian in Yellow Shoes by Joyfolie
  4. Yellow Canvas Shoes by H&M

#4 Add One Yellow Wardrobe Staple

From Top Left:

  1. Yellow Jersey Duffle Jacket from Mini Boden
  2. Hand Knit Baby Cardigan from Born on Bowery
  3. Yellow Jumpsuit from Zara
  4. Kid's Yellow Harem Shorts from Zanzi Bach

Now that you've had a taste of yellow, I'm curious how you're styling your little ones in this happy color. Leave your comments below, and if you crave more yellow, check out my "Only Yellow" Pinterest Board.

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